Are you frightened? Everything will be fine

I punched a Jabberwocky... in the face!

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Sometimes… I just want to run away… (Open rp)

"Get on a bus, a plane, a train and ride for as long as it takes to get the tightness out of my chest. I’m a doctor for petes sakes, I’m the doctor…
But sometimes it feels like I’m less then a man… And more a hazard to ones stablism… Like I ruin lives; almost beyond repair, only then do I rally and save them. ‘Pete Sakes’… Who says that in this day and age anyways…” Eleven mutters to himself and slouches on a park bench. “Without my TARDIS… I’m just a man… A man with two hearts, a Fez, a Sonic, and no future.” Scoffs. “A sour man… If I can call myself a man…”

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I found out my own father has forgotten that I exist. my Brother and Sister lied about me doing things then watched as i was punished. My brother watched me take a broomstick, fist, hand to my face and head because he broke my mums vase and blamed it on me. (I was never abused as a child) I’ve been replaced and dad has not contacted me about my early acceptance to St. Thomas University. And i still can’t bring myself to turn my back on my siblings and father. Whats wrong with me… I’m broken …

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Lets recap over the days events:

3am: Phone was cut off.

3:30-8:00am: cried and blathered like a baby.

8:30am: Leave the house to walk 3 miles in the facking cold to the bank to put MORE money on my phone.

10:16am: Stumble into the bank crying in pain because everything was frostbitten.

10:25am: Stumbles back into the cold after emptying my bank account onto my phone.

11:00am: Walk into a possible job that i already know.

11:20am: Mum brings me home and i continue on my story.

2:32pm: Find out i got accepted to St. Thomas University

2:33pm-Current: Alternate between crying in happiness and sobbing because i am scared.